Six Years of Healing the World, One Pause at a Time

Root Whole Body from our founder

Six years ago today, Root Whole Body opened its doors and it is truly inspiring to see the amazing community of neighbors and friends who make Root a regular part of their life.
While we’ve definitely gone through our growing pains (and we thank you for going through them with us), our intentions and vision have never waivered, which is to provide a place for those who embrace holistic health to be still, get grounded and remember how whole and beautiful they were born to be.

In meditation, I sit in awe and gratitude for the quality of people we have in our community, the many teachers, healers, and guides who share the same standards and intentions when they walk through our doors every day.  And the often under-acknowledged customer services team who masterfully orchestrates your relaxing, grounding experience at Root.  Every day, every year, as challenging as these times can be, I continue to be inspired by the work we do, the impact on our clients and the ever-continuing relevance we are creating in this world.

If you think about it, there’s no better time for Root:  the current health care system is broken, medical error is one of the leading causes of death in our country (preventable deaths have more than doubled in the past decade), alternative health care is more mainstream, ‘organic’ is no longer a tucked away section in the grocery store, and while we’re taking it upon ourselves to become more informed and proactive with our health, we’re also more obese and stressed out than ever before (for the first time in history, this generation has a shorter life span than their parents).  Layer on this the technology factor: we’re doing more than we should, in less time than we have, and getting more and more isolated than ever.   Let’s decide today to stop the madness!  We need to be still and breathe.  We need to get into their bodies to transform ourselves.  We need connection and community.  We need Root.

I invite you to incorporate a very simple practice into your life that will yield prolific benefits the more you do it:  PAUSE.

Yep, that’s it.  This incredible little word haunts me because of its sheer simplicity. Think of all the world problems that could be solved if we simply did more of this.  Or relationships preserved.  Or health restored.  Or wisdom remembered.

It’s only in the pause that we can know our truth.  It’s only in the pause that we actually sink down and peel the layers of ourselves, heal ourselves, and ultimately, love ourselves.

From all of us at Root, thank you for taking the time to pause with us through the years as we work to help folks remember how whole and beautiful they were born to be.  The mission of Root is bigger than all of us and we’re so honored to have you be a part of it.

Wishing you a slower, pause-filled holiday,

Pat Johnson