TOUCH: The power of touch simply makes you healthier

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Modern medicine recognizes that the power of touch simply makes you healthier. Consistent bodywork reduces stress, boosts our immune system and has a profound effect in our ability to stay connected to our ‘self’ and our fellow humans. And in our high tech culture, we may have to work harder to honor our innate human need for touch.

+ pause and connect

+ give someone a hug today

+ release with a therapeutic massage

+ take a break from text and email for a day

+ connect with your toes in your yoga practice

+ peel away the layers of chronic pain

+ explore your skin for anything unusual

+ examine your body in the shower

+ truly connect with your food

+ make something by hand

Ways to incorporate TOUCH in over the next 60 days:

+ TWO-FER $150 [ Choice of two one-hour massage or organic facials ]

Limit two per person. Expires June 30th.

+ TOUCH: Health & Wellness Event – Thursday, June 7th at 7pm

Join us for mini-massage, acupuncture and a variety of health screenings by our

clinic team to insure your optimum health.

+ Personal instruction for those new to yoga or those wanting to deepen

their practice

+ Hormone testing + Weight Loss with Dr. Vida Talebi

Balanced hormones are key to your well-being.  Checking your levels, specifically

the stress hormone cortisol, can have dramatic affect on your weight, energy level

and mood. Get in touch with your body and find new energy today.

+ Partner’s Massage Clinic – Thursday, June 28th at 7pm

Limited to 8 couples. Advance registration required.