Focus on the 4 Pillars of Whole Body Health

Feel More Whole: Focus on the 4 Pillars of Whole Body Health

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 Meditation at Root Whole Body

Meditation at Root Whole Body

What does it mean to be whole? To some, it means feeling never in need, lack or want. To others it’s about finding balance, internal ease, energy flowing freely without stagnation. For others still, it’s about overcoming pain, discomfort or illness and being restored to good health and vitality. Achieving a sense of wholeness happens when we feel completely present and content. 

To cultivate more wholeness in your life, focus on stimulating mindfulness around these four pillars of whole body health:

food is fuel

Food, of course, is the most direct energy source our bodies are connected to. It’s a fact of metabolism. And yet, all food is not created equal, and in today’s world it’s easy to make food choices based on cravings versus thoughtfulness. To avoid mindless eating (and the excess calories and less-than-healthy choices that can come with it), think of food as something that’s truly nutritious, drawing from elements of the earth that are absorbed, processed and released by the body. Focus on how the food we consume connects us to the world and to nature and the earth.  When we think of food this way it becomes easier to choose foods that have vitality and life to them. 

movement is energy

Our bodies naturally crave movement; they’re made to move. There’s a physiological response that happens when we exercise that’s essential for our physical and emotional health. Any stagnation of energy works against us. In holistic health, there’s a notion that things that are still – stay still. When we slow down, everything slows down. So get your body moving and keep the energy flowing. Focus on what your body is saying right now about its current energy level. Does it want to go for a walk or a hike? Is it feeling sore or stuck or restless?  Your body knows what it needs to be whole. It’s worth listening.

immunity is resilience

Resiliency is a characteristic that’s particularly unique to humans.  We’re able to adapt and evolve, grow and expand. Resiliency is potential realized. When it comes to ailments of the body, we can fortify our immune system when we place our intention upon doing so, directing our energy, thoughts, emotions and our actions around being well and staying well.  When you’re truly focused on immunity, food is medicine, movement is medicine, pause is medicine. How beautiful is that? Suddenly the possibilities open up. There are so many things large and small that can bring you good health.

pause is clarity

Pause is the connection to the higher self, that inner voice that reminds you to be quiet in order to hear. Pause helps connect us to ourselves and our own innate wisdom, which is essential to achieving a sense of wholeness.  Create more moments of pause in your life by consciously blocking out noise (both the external and internal chatter) and instead focusing on savoring the moment.  Stress and anxiety are a fear of the future (or the past). When we focus on the present moment, there is no stress, no anxiety. It’s in the moment, without the mental chatter and chaos, that clarity comes. We have everything we need. We have all our own answers. We know exactly the right next thing to do. We have only to train our ear to access our innate wisdom.

Whole Body Health is simple, really. What it takes to achieve it is training the mind to be more appreciative and present. Just a small mental shift can create a whole wellspring of health and wellness. And a life built around the pillars of whole body health benefits from having the support of holistic health experts and like-minded folk sharing their passion, knowledge and experiences.

That’s why we created Root Whole Body. It’s the mission we’re on, and it’s what brings us to work every day. We truly believe your body knows what it needs. We’re here to help you connect and exercise your own innate wisdom. Your ultimate reward? An amazing life well-lived. There’s nothing more valuable than that.