Welcome two new naturopathic doctors with one shared vision

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Welcome two new naturopathic doctors with one shared vision: to address health on a deeper level, uncover the root cause of the problem, and facilitate a healthy, vital life.

Dr. LauraHS-Dr. Alison 2

Left: Dr. Laura Wollman; Right: Dr. Alison Schuz

Dr. Alison Schuz is a naturopathic primary care physician whose practice encompasses integrative care for both men and women. She treats acute and chronic health conditions by merging the best of alternative and conventional care to customize an individualized treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of the condition.

At Root Whole Body, Dr. Schulz works with patients to address neuroendocrine and hormonal imbalances such as thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, mood disorders, irregular cycles, cystic ovaries, erectile dysfunction, infertility, menopause, PMS, weight issues, acne and blood sugar abnormalities. She has advanced training in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and diabetic care.

Dr. Schulz graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon where she completed internships in women’s healthcare, gastroenterology, chronic disease management, and acute primary care. She completed her undergraduate degree in Microbiology and Immunology and worked in biotech before discovering her love for natural medicine. Her interests outside of medicine are spending time with her family, cycling, and cooking. She is also an avid DIY crafter with a passion for healthy skin care products.

Dr. Laura Wollman started expressing her interest in natural health and healing by 9 years of age when she started reading books on herbal medicine and home remedies. Her fascination with the human body and how to live the healthiest life possible drew her to Naturopathic medicine and a lifelong quest for health. In fulfilling her sacred role as a guide and partner in each patient’s health journey, Dr. Wollman takes a thoughtful and honest approach focused on listening to patients and endeavoring to understand their unique needs.

Dr. Wollman utilizes a wide range of treatments including herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, IV therapy, lifestyle counseling, supplementation therapy, hydrotherapy, and pharmaceuticals when indicated. The tenets of Naturopathic medicine that she most appreciates are prevention, treating the cause of disease, and treating the whole person. Early on in her medical training one of her mentors said “Don’t just treat what the patient in front of you has, treat them for what they will have in 30 years.” This statement had a profound effect on Dr. Wollman as she was learning what true disease prevention meant and she always keeps this principle in mind when working with individuals.

Dr. Wollman graduated with honors from John Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and then received her Doctorate In Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine. Her training affirmed her intuition on the profound connection between our mental and emotional state and physical health. Always keeping a whole body approach in mind, Dr. Wollman has had specialized training in GI disorders, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid conditions. During medical school Dr. Wollman did coursework to receive a certificate in natural childbirth and was selected for a year-long natural childbirth internship which focused on pregnancy, women’s health, and pediatrics. She was also selected for a specialized 6-month internship in cardiology and endocrinology.

Dr. Wollman enjoys spending her free time with her husband and baby boy. She loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, experimenting with healthy gluten free recipes in the kitchen, and making it a point to get out into nature every day.

For a holistic and preventative approach to your health, consider a consult with Dr. Schulz or Dr. Wollman as your primary care physician.  You’re welcome to schedule a complimentary consult with either of them by calling Root at (503) 288-7668.  Evening and Weekend appointments available.