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At Root Whole Body, Health and Nutrition take a 360 degree look at the most important aspects of your life to provide sustainable techniques, unique to your specific needs and circumstances. This allows for real lifestyle changes, resulting in a healthier you.
When you truly feed and nourish your body, you can improve your energy, skin, metabolism and improve overall mood.

Naturopathic PRIMARY CARE:

Discover which areas of your life are thriving and which areas could use more attention and care. Make a plan and take action with one of our Naturopathic Primary Care Physicians.

blossoming lotus café & juice bar:

Our plant-based café has nutritious, health-forward and delicious offerings, all made with love!
We use super food ingredients like goji berries, avocado & turmeric to support the body to optimally function.

food sensitivity test

Empower your diet. Learn what foods may be causing discomfort and inflammation.

Daily Cleanse & one week of clean eating

Our plans are meant to nourish, cleanse, and get your health & nutrition back on track! Reset your eating habits with a curated cleanse of a day’s or week’s worth of nourishment to reduce inflammation and support digestion & detoxification.
If you have a question about your nutrition & are ready to jumpstart your habits, click below!
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