What Journey Are You On? • May 2024

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Mental Health Awareness Month holds special significance at Root. We have been on a mission to help end the stigma surrounding mental health and to bridge the gap between physical health, mental health, and self-care, that we believe are all so intrinsically connected.
We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all to mental health, that each person has their own individual experiences, circumstances, preferences, and needs. At Root, our goal is to establish a safe space, dedicated to listening and assisting in customizing a whole body health journey. This personalized approach extends to mental and emotional well-being, emphasizing the uniqueness of each person’s own individual experience.

mental health is common health

Mental health concerns are as prevalent as the common cold, affecting more than half of Americans at some point in their lives. Root acknowledges various factors such as trauma, work stress, discrimination, and relational issues that contribute to these concerns, emphasizing that facing mental health challenges is a shared aspect of the human experience.


Identifying Mental Health Concerns

Recognizing that optimal mental health varies for each person, Root encourages individuals to be mindful of signs beyond extreme conditions like depression or anxiety. From changes in social behavior to a lack of interest in once-loved activities, our team emphasizes that being attuned to your mental well-being involves understanding diverse indicators.


Four Pillars of Whole Body Health

Root categorizes health dynamics into four pillars – food, movement, immunity, and pause. Addressing these pillars helps evaluate and tackle the root causes of mental health concerns. By assessing lifestyle factors such as diet, social connections, physical activity, and self-care practices, individuals can gain insights into improving their emotional well-being.

Whole Body Health Assessment

Understanding the complexity of mental health and its interconnectedness with physical well-being can be challenging. Root offers an online Whole Body Health Assessment, assigning a personal health advisor to guide individuals through a customized treatment plan. This approach aims to simplify the process, making it accessible and tailored to individual needs.

a Holistic approach

Root emphasizes the importance of personalized care, recognizing that everyone's journey to emotional well-being is unique. Our holistic and naturopathic approach to mental health, incorporates services and experiences meant to dive into the root causes of mental issues. From therapy, to crainosacral massage, to resilience workshops, acupuncture

and hormone therapy, our team is ready to provide you with all you need to thrive. By addressing the interconnected aspects of whole body health, we aim to provide comprehensive support, acknowledging the significance of mental health in the broader context of individual wellness.


We are here to hold space, encouraging you to restore balance, joy, concentration, improve sleep, the quality of your relationships, and support healing processes of all kind. Your unique story is important to us, and we look forward to providing a customized and holistic plan that is right for you.

You are not alone. Keep going. It’s going to be okay.

The world needs you here.