Natural home remedies through the decades

What would grandma do? Natural home remedies through the decades

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They say moms and grandmas always know best. Many of us can contest to this when it came to home remedies that our faithful protectors whipped up for us over the years. Whether it was chicken soup for the common cold or aloe vera for a sun burn, we could always count on our motherly figures to have our backs in a time of need. Many of these home remedies stemmed from back in the day and some even deriving from ancient Chinese medicine! Check out some of the natural home remedies that were used through the decades all around the world:

  • 1800s Treatments for women’s health: Bladder infections were cured with calendula tea, and chamomile tea was used for just about everything that ailed women, from menopause to insomnia.

  • 1920s Cure for an earache: Take as much black pepper as will lie on a sixpence, wrap it tightly in a small piece of cotton or linen, moisten with sweet oil then insert in the ear with a little dry cotton, and bandage the head.

  • 1930s A boost of nutrition: During WW2, cod liver oil was given to children to supplement their poor diets during the depression.

  • 1950s Skin irritation remedy: One of the best cures for skin irritations was oatmeal used in a warm bath, or as a poultice placed on the skin.

  • 1980s Headache relief: Feverfew, as its name suggests, is used to treat fever, but it’s most commonly known as an herbal headache treatment.

  • Present Day Remedy for everything: Coconut oil has been around for a long time but only more recently has it been discovered to have hundreds of uses. From extracting toxins in the mouth to burning fat and balancing hormones- this magical oil is found in numerous current day home remedies.

We would love to hear about home remedies you received while growing up and if you still prefer them over standard medicine today. Comment below and share with us your natural home health hacks! #whatwouldgrandmado?