Sugar Addiction

Breaking the Sugar Addiction Leads to Increased Energy and Health

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Let’s be honest here. Sugar is addictive. And like any addiction, it takes a lot of will power to break that habit. One little known reason why saying addios to sugar is hard: we are not getting enough calories. It is common for people to eliminate sugar at the same time that they jump on a new diet. A problem arises when the diet is calorically restrictive and the person doesn’t eat enough. 

Our blog on making new rhythms stick, we talked about cultivating an active desire, “Arouse in yourself an eager want,” says Dale Carnegie. It is a viscerally felt force of wanting that is necessary to create enough momentum to overcome the old unhealthy track. We offer you the following testimonials as fuel for your desire to kick the sugar habit.

Novelist Michael Grothaus writes about how giving up sugar changed his brain chemistry, referring to studies that show how sugar affects not just our waistlines but our moods, making us cranky, causing us to make rash decisions, and taking us away from who we really are. Entreprenuer Rick Foster of The Sustainable Happiness Course took a year off sugar, and the results are recorded in his blood test: “My triglyceride count lowered from 141, a “high normal,” to 117. Glucose levels descended from an above normal 109 to an entirely normal 78. And my blood pressure has gone way down — from hovering in the almost hypertensive range of 137/88 to 105/72.”

Can you imagine a workday where you don’t experience the 3pm slump? Where your energy stays constant and you can focus with ease all day long? What about falling asleep and staying asleep naturally? Did you know that cramps can disappear when you go off sugar? Poll your Facebook friends, send out a tweet and ask the people in your life for their testimonials on what the challenges and triumphs of removing sugar from their lifestyle. Because it isn’t just a diet, it really is a lifestyle change.

If breaking the sugar habit is one of your goals, you’ll want a team of positive supportive people on your side. Rally the troops! Our sugar craving survival kit is a quick guide to the real life challenges of breaking off your relationship with sugar. Read our 5 tips to reduce sugar cravings.

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