Cilantro-Eating Mutants

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I've been in a smoothie sort of mood.  It's probably due to summer lingering right around the corner.  So, when I came across this recipe for a cilantro shake, I got very excited.  I love cilantro.  Cilantro makes me think of summer too, of cool yogurt dips, and spicy salsa, and a margarita to wash it all down.  (Martha Stewart makes a great suggestion in this cocktail recipe)
Anyway, as I was thinking about summertime, and cilantro, and smoothies, I did a bit of Googling.  I knew a lot of people hate cilantro, but I didn't realize with what passion, or that the source of this hatred was under scientific study.  As it turns out, cilantro haters aren't just picky eaters, but may be genetically predisposed to not like it.  Something in their brains is in touch with the Europeans of old who rejected Medieval cuisine in favor of something new and more exciting.  Or, perhaps they are very perceptive and are taking note of the scents of aldehydes in cilantro, also found in soap and bugs.  Weird.  I, for one, am glad that I am either not in touch with the past, not very perceptive, or maybe just a step ahead genetically.  I'm a cilantro-eating mutant.  This is okay with me.

There are plenty of benefits to being a cilantro-eating mutant.  Among them, protection against salmonella, lower blood pressure, iron, magnessium, and flavanoids.  I think I'll go plant some on my porch.  Then, I'll make that crazy smoothie.  But without the grapefruit.  Seriously, grapefruit is so disgusting.

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