Discover what LED Light Therapy

Discover what LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic and Micro-Channeling can do for the skin

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Our estheticians are excited to have so much new power to offer. Come check out all the new skin tools at Root.


Our Ultrasonic tool combines ultrasonic exfoliation and micro-current capabilities, which significantly increases the skin’s ability to absorb treatment creams and serums.

These beneficial micro-currents are the same electrical current the body produces. They cause the muscle beneath the skin to contract or move, which opens pores and increases circulation in the skin.

Enjoy a deep cleanse of the pores, resulting in smooth, fresh appearance. And see enhanced performance with serums, eye creams, lip plumping masks and hydrating treatment creams… for firmer, better toned and more supple skin.

The regenerative power of LED Therapy

We’ve been taught for many years that certain kinds of light (particularly the sun’s UV rays) can be damaging to the skin. But research is showing that many other kinds of light can actually have skin-healing and regenerating effects, so we’re pleased to have recently added new LED Light therapy equipment at Root.

Light-emitting diodes (LED) were originally developed for NASA plant growth experiments in space. Research studies went on to show promise for delivering light deep into tissues of the body via LED to promote wound-healing and human tissue growth, greatly enhancing the skin’s natural healing processes.

Estheticians use LED light as a gentle, non-invasive tool to treat the skin for multiple conditions, including repair and regeneration of tissue that has been damaged due to the sun’s UV exposure, skin discoloration, and inflammatory conditions. There are multiple types of LED light therapy used for treating skin, including:

  • Red LED light penetrates deep into the skin and is typically recommended for skin repair and regeneration. Studies suggest that the concentrated red light is absorbed by the mitochondria in the cells and stimulates collagen production and increases the skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Green light targets the melanocytes: melanin-producing cells, known to inhibit the production of melanin and prevent it from traveling to the skin’s surface. It is also used to break up melanin clusters and reduce existing discoloration.
  • Blue light has been found to exhibit powerful antibacterial properties and is used to target breakout areas. It targets p. acnes bacteria which is a bacteria responsible for acne.
  • Yellow light is supportive to the lymphatic and circulatory system and is used to calm and tone the skin. It can reduce the appearance of redness, swelling, as well as other inflammation conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema.

Each LED treatment can be customized to a specific client’s need, selecting the right balance for your skin. A single LED light treatment can be beneficial for the skin, but best results usually come from repeated treatments as part of an ongoing skin regimen.

Micro-Channeling with the Revitapen

The key treatment in our Medi Facial, this treatment is a no-needle alternative to micro-needling called a Revitapen, designed to infuse highly active, customized treatment serums deep into the skin using nanotechnology to enhance product absorption without wounding the skin or triggering inflammation. By creating micro-channels into the skin to deliver product ingredients that would otherwise struggle to bypass the skins lipid barrier, this treatment is highly effective for treating lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone and improving the appearance of acne scarring and as an alternative for people who don’t like the idea of micro-needling.

Root Whole Body employs these non-invasive, bio-therapeutic tools to help address sun damage and the natural signs of aging for a more youthful, healthy, glowing complextion with no down time and no toxins.