Jumpstart skin repair with more raw foods

Glow-Food: Jumpstart skin repair with more raw foods

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  Want vibrant, glowing skin? What you eat is just as important, if not more important than the products you use on the surface. Our skin is a window to our health. And the foods that promote healthy skin also promote a healthy body overall. Here are a few suggestions to achieve a glowing complexion: Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water …

Discover what LED Light Therapy

Discover what LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic and Micro-Channeling can do for the skin

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Our estheticians are excited to have so much new power to offer. Come check out all the new skin tools at Root. Ultrasonic Our Ultrasonic tool combines ultrasonic exfoliation and micro-current capabilities, which significantly increases the skin’s ability to absorb treatment creams and serums. These beneficial micro-currents are the same electrical current the body produces. They cause the muscle beneath …

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Summer Skin Saviors

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ROOT WHOLE BODY JUNE 16, 2019 NATURAL REMEDIES,  ORGANIC FACIALS + CLEAN BEAUTY,  ORGANIC SKIN CARE 1 COMMENT The Summer sun can be brutal and wreak havoc on our skin, even in the often-cloudy Pacific Northwest! As we are spending more time outside this season, here are a few simple yet effective things you can do to protect your skin …

The Truth About Toxins

The Truth About Toxins in Beauty Products

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Are you familiar with the term “body burden”?  Body burden is the amount of a toxic substance, or toxic load, that builds up in the body over time. Over the past fifteen years, the CDC has tested over 10,000 people in an attempt to determine their “toxic load”.  The results identified hundreds of synthetic chemicals in their bloodstream, many of them present before birth. So, how …

Winter Skin Secrets

Winter Skin Secrets

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The shift from long hot summer days to shorter cooler winter days brings limited sunlight and cooler temperatures… that, combined with central heating, can begin to take a toll on our delicate skin. Our summer glow begins to fade and we end up with more of a dry, dull complexion that craves some serious nutrition and hydration. It’s time to …

Vita Skin Professional Peels

In Time for Fall: Vita Skin Professional Peels

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Reveal your natural beauty with VitaSkin’s New Results-Oriented Professional and Take Home Peels. The combination of the peel and LED will supply your skin with the nourishment and regeneration it needs. You and your holistic esthetician will pick the peel that’s right for your skin whether you are looking to reduce skin redness, clear and heal skin blemishes, lighten dark …

nutritious greens

Because your skin needs its nutritious greens

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Eminence’s Eight Greens line is super-charged with phyto-estrogenic compounds and skin supportive plants that decrease inflammation, regulate hydration, minimize breakouts, and improve elasticity. As we age, our estrogen levels drop and testosterone levels begin to rise. This hormonal imbalance results in an increase in oil glad production in the skin, which can clog pores and cause acne. At the same …

Raw Food Recipes for your Face

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Home-made and fresh ingredients are the key to these simple skin treatments Papaya, Pineapple and Avocado Treatment Ingredients: Sliver of papaya flesh, seeds removed Slice of pineapple or wedge of orange Quarter of a ripe avocado Mash the papaya flesh with a fork. Apply to your dry face with your fingers. Allow it to sit for up to 20 minutes. …

Skin and Sun

Skin and Sun

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Did you know that there are two very distinct types of skin aging? The first is called intrinsic aging, and it has to basically do with our genes and how well we produce collagen and elastin. Signs of intrinsic skin aging can include fine wrinkles, thin or transparent skin, lack of underlying fat leading to a loss of firmness in …

Introducing a raw foods diet for your face

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(or, the most natural, organic and effective way to uncover your beautiful, radiant skin.) A healthy body begins with quality nutrition and we believe the same approach applies to beautiful, healthy skin. Using Eminence Organics of Hungary, active ingredients found in fresh herbs and fruits are hand-made with the highest ethical standards to create products that retain their natural potencies …

Natural Recipes for Sunscreen this Summer

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Coconut oil may be the most popular to use as a natural sunscreen, but red raspberry + carrot seed oil can offer even better protection! According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), approximately 75% of commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are directly linked to cancer and are known to disrupt hormones. You might want to think twice about what …