Don’t Judge a Lip Balm by its Packaging

Root Whole Body organic skin care

I’m no fashionista.  Nor am I trying to do my best impression of one.  But I was reading Vogue the other day for the same reason I read each of Jane Austen’s books one after the other.  After I’d read one, I realized they aren’t so girly after all.  Jane Austen presents scathing critiques of the upper classes and hilarious caricatures of classic girlyness.  Vogue also offers an unexpected social critique and has a tendency to produce content that is uplifting and even surprisingly empowering.  It is, of course, also filled with high fashion ads, whose glossy pages and confusing messages are a topic for another day.  But then Vogue turns around and prints a fascinating article about Aung San Suu Kyi, and then to lighten the mood, suggests we make our own cosmetics.
It’s a great idea when so many companies often use harmful ingredients to cut costs and increase shelf-life.  Vogue knows just as well as Root (well, almost as well) that our skin’s beauty depends on its health.  So color some lip balm with beet juice.  Why not?  Sounds like fun!

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