Healthy Back Clinic with Dr. Herold and Pam Blair

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Back Pain.  We all suffer from it now and then.  We can’t get comfortable in bed at night.  We bend over–something feels wrong.  We stand up–something doesn’t feel right.  And so many of us sit at computers all day typing away.  By lunch time, the muscles in our mid-back are whispering, “ouchbackpain ouchbackpain.”  By 5 ‘o clock, it’s more like “PAINBACKBACKPAINOUCH!”  But what can we do?  There are excel sheets to be filled, and graphics to be designed.  The next great American sexy teenage novel involving mythic beasts and the supernatural that will spawn at least 3 bad movies and one TV series that’s so bad it’s great MUST be written!
Well, for starters, we can head to Root Whole Body Sunday, June 12th from 2-3:30pm for a Healthy Back Clinic with Dr. Herold and Pam Blair.  They’ll shed some light on pain, posture, and relief for our tired backs.  They’ll give us a clue as to what the heck is going on back there anyway.  And I suspect we’ll walk away a little taller and ready to take on teenage gargoyles, or whatever our challenge may be.

Need a preview?  Check out our experts below!  Then register for Sunday’s clinic here.