How Not To Be A Poser

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When I heard about Jay’s upcoming workshop at Root, How Not To Be A Poser, the first thing I thought was, wow—what a clever title.  But, when I read the description, I saw that the title is apt as well as clever.  On October 2nd, Jay is going to lead us beyond the yoga pose, and into a deeper experience of practicing yoga.  I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use some guidance in getting to this next level of practice.  It’s difficult enough to stay tall, and strong, balanced and focused on one’s breath.  How often am I able to commune with myself, the self I ignore most of the time in favor of work, or family, or all of the people and goings-on surrounding me while I’m up-side-down or concentrating on lifting the arches of my feet?
I’m reminded of Rilke’s words on solitude from Letters to a Young Poet:

Going-into-oneself and for hours meeting no one—this one must be able to attain.  To be solitary, the way one was solitary as a child, when the grownups went around involved with things that seemed important and big because they themselves looked so busy and because one comprehended nothing of their doings.

Is it possible to find this sort of solitude on the yoga mat and meet with oneself for hours?  Is it possible then to carry this self-awareness out into the world?

Join Jay Fields, Sunday October 2nd in the studio at Root Whole Body from 1-4pm for yoga, touch, and reflection.  And perhaps, we’ll go forth together, in solitude.  See you there.

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