How to Diet Right

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We’ve all been there.  Most of us have felt frumpy, flabby, fleshy or just plain funky.  Especially after chowing down on holiday parties on everything from cheesy fondue, to pigs in blankets, to cookies and pretzels, and everything and more dipped in chocolate.  I get a sugar rush just thinking about it.

It’s okay to pig out from time to time.  The holidays are for celebrating, and enjoying good food is an important part of any celebration.  But it’s okay to slow down too.  You don’t have to be vain or obsessed with being supermodel skinny or ultra-hunky to go on a diet.  Diets aren’t just for pre-wedding brides or high-strung singles.  They’re for anyone who needs to get back on track.  If you do join the swarms of New Year’s resolutioners, make sure to diet in a way that serves you, that maintains your health, and won’t leave you tumbling back into unhealthy eating when you’re through.

Check out this great list: 12 Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them from WebMD.  These are great recommendations about things people commonly overlook, like the benefits of dairy, breakfast, and even snacking.

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