Introducing Unlimited and Group Acupuncture

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Acupuncture has been an important practice for healing and maintaining good health for thousands of years.  Scientific studies to determine exactly how acupuncture works are ongoing and becoming more common.  Recently, The Royal College of General Practitioners reported that two studies in the British Journal of General Practice have shown that patients, “perceived a wide range of positive effects and appeared to take on a more active role in their consultations and self-care.”  The patients showed a sustained improvement which, ultimately, is the goal of five-element acupuncture.  Chinese Medicine works to heal the whole person and the issues behind symptoms, not just symptoms themselves.  According to the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, the number of treatments needed depends of the individual patient, but may be as many as 2 treatments each week for a few months.  Often, in China, a patient will be prescribed a course of Acupuncture, once each week for several weeks, for example.  Then, the acupuncturist will assess his or her improvements and the patient may return to a less frequent acupuncture schedule.
In light of the knowledge that in order to heal and maintain our health, we may at some times need more acupuncture then at other times, Root Whole Body and Daniel Espiritu, LAc are introducing Unlimited and Group Acupuncture Options to make frequent acupuncture accessible.

Group Acupuncture | Every Sunday 7-9pm in the Root Studio

Single Session: $35   Unlimited Sundays: $49/month

Call to register or make your appointment online.  Group sessions are limited to 24 registered participants.

Individual Acupuncture Appointments

Single Appointment: $55  Unlimited Option: $199/month, Sessions accrue at 1/week and rollover to accumulate.

Call or make an appointment online.