The Root 2023 Guide To

for each decade


the twenties:

carving the way & building habits
It's easy to take your health and vitality for granted this decade - but also a great time to learn behaviors that can prevent injury, future illness and promote mental well-being for decades to come.


This is an important decade to prioritize mental health, especially for men. Symptoms or warning signs of certain mental conditions – such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression – begin in young men in their late teens to mid-20s. We recommend being aware of thought, personality, or behavioral changes. We also suggest starting a regular therapeutic relationship with a counselor, particularly one who considers holistic well-being, like our Licensed Mental Health Provider here at Root. This holistic approach to therapy is particularly beneficial to men in their 20s, who may be prioritizing education, fun, and relationships more than their overall well-being, and therefore need a little extra counsel and guidance.

For optimal mental health, we also encourage men in their 20s to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night, try acupuncture for anxiety and depression, regularly exercise, and spend time outside at least once a week.

counseling at root takes a holistic approach

rest & recover

It's all fun and games till somebody gets hurt. Due to more engagement in risky activities, extreme sports, physical labor jobs, and negligence, injury is common for men in their 20s. Take it easy, slow it down, and be prudent before taking action. If injured, we strongly encourage a man of this age to properly rest to allow for healing and to prevent future complications. We recommend treating injury with acupuncture, a modality that promotes quicker healing and reduces pain.

acupuncture for pain reduction and expedited healing

life of the party

If you like to party, be sure to keep it at a minimum, one day per week tops. We encourage you to replenish your body's need for sleep (seven to nine hours a night), drink plenty of water, and consider sweating out toxins with regular sauna use. Another excellent way to bring nutrient restoration and rehydration back to the body is with a Myer's Cocktail IV therapy.
IV therapy for replenishment and optimal immune function


the thirties:

reproductive health & self-care prioritization

Men in their 30s are establishing their careers and family lives, leading to
important and relevant health concerns to prevent conditions that are common for 30-something-year-old males such as decreased fertility and testosterone.


Having children after 30 is becoming more and more common. Yet, men's fertility begins to decrease in their 30s. As a holistically minded center, Root sees fertility through the scope of whole-body health. A visit with the Naturopathic Doctor may be a good start. But, did you know that acupuncture can also be used to assist with fertility issues? And, leading an overall healthy lifestyle including eating well, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and refraining from alcohol, can also increase fertility after 30. Our Holistic Health Coach is a fantastic resource to build and encourage a custom health journey that is right for you.


Acupuncture is a helpful resource for a man in his 30s dealing with fertility, sleep, stress or anxiety issues

self care is sexy

The 30s are a busy time, and quite the adjustment from the carefree 20s. Slowing down with self-care practices such as getting a relaxing massage, soaking with hydrotherapy or acupuncture are all excellent ways to get grounded, reconnect and reward all of a 30-something-year-old's hard work.

Skincare in particular is becoming more popular for men in general. Men in their 30s may notice both signs of aging and/or acne. We recommend booking a Root Organic Facial every three to four months to exfoliate, deeply nourish and revive a 30-something-year-old male's skin.


getting a regular massage can alleviate tension, reduce stress and provide much needed relaxation for a man in his 30s


Most Americans only get 11-15 grams of fiber per day. Meanwhile, men aged 31-50 should consume 31 grams of fiber per day. Fiber lengthens telomeres, the DNA-protein structures found at both ends of chromosomes that protect our genome and fight off diseases. The longer they are, the longer we live. Your 30s are a crucial time to lengthen those telomeres, and eating more fiber is one of the best ways to do that. Foods high in fiber include lentils, berries, pears, and chia seeds. Find chia seeds in the chocolate chia pudding or blue dream chia pudding at Blossoming Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar.


chia pudding from blossoming lotus cafe and juice bar for extra fiber


the forties:

balancing hormones, diet, work & life

Hard work may start to pay off in your 40s, especially if you are working to prevent common male health issues that arise in the 40s such as stress, weight gain and andropause.


As a man ages, particularly starting in their 40s, they may notice symptoms of hormonal imbalance arise, specifically from the natural decline of testosterone production. Symptoms of this hormonal imbalance may include loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, weight gain, decreased muscle strength, fatigue, foggy brain, low mood and reduced energy. We recommend scheduling a hormone evaluation with our Naturopathic Doctor who may find you are a candidate for BioTe. This breakthrough method for hormone optimization can lead to improved libido and sexual performance, enhanced mood and energy, better sleep, and sharper cognitive function.

BioTe can help improve libido and sexual function for men over 40

Taking care of the mind

Since the body slows down the production of CoQ10, as we age, supplementing with this energy-boosting enzyme may make your busy productive 40-something life easier to manage.

Besides being cognitively energized, we encourage a man in his 40s to prioritize his emotional well-being. Going to regular therapy is as important as juggling a career, a family and an exercise regimen. Our Licensed Mental Health Provider here at Root, offers counseling in the scope of whole body health, considering a person's emotional well-being as well as their diet, movement habits, self-care tendencies and clinical health. This type of counseling may be extra helpful for a 40-something man who has a lot of people and responsibilities to be whole and healthy for.


Prioritizing mental health, self-care and physical health are convenient at Root, located all under one roof.

BODY movement

After age 30, muscle mass in men decreases 3-8% per decade, resulting in the slowing down of the metabolism. Men in their 40's should be strength training at least twice a week to build muscle, which allows the body to burn fat, get lean, increase metabolism and maintain healthy weight levels.

We suggest a man in his 40s consider taking private yoga classes here at Root. This prescriptive custom yoga experience not only gives the student the teacher's undivided attention, but the student can also experience personalized movement, catered to them, to work with possible injuries they may have, back pain, stress or even digestive issues.

Yoga is excellent for flexibility, mobility, stress, tension relief and even digestion


the fifties:

anti-inflammatory living and nurturing relationships

The 50s are a decade to focus on preventative care, stress management, gratitude, and mindfulness. Men in their 50s should be aware of their heart health, erectile dysfunction, colon health, weight management, and avoiding inflammation.


Aging is mostly caused by the various factors that contribute to inflammation including diet and environment. This is so much so that modern medical circles refer to this phenomenon as inflamm-aging. To slow down this process, it's important to lead an anti-inflammatory life-style. This means avoiding refined carbs, fried food, soda, red meat, and excess alcohol. While protein has been important for life so far, for a man in his 50s, it's now time to switch gears, lower the amount of protein and increase the amount of nutrient-dense super foods such as kale, blueberries, olive oil, turmeric, seaweed and garlic. For actionable support on how to easily incorporate these foods and avoid harmful ones, we suggest Holistic Health Coaching.

We also strongly recommend working to reduce stress with things like meditation and walks outside. Meditation is accessible at home through apps, or for a more customized meditation, our Holistic Health Coach offers guided virtual or in-person guided meditations.

Turmeric is a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory food


Men in their 50s often experience symptoms of hormone imbalance, often caused simply from aging. Common symptoms include fatigue, weakened muscles, mental fog, low mood, trouble sleeping, loss of sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction. While these symptoms are a struggle for the individual patient, these struggles also affect the 50-something's relationships. We strongly encourage men in their 50s to get a hormone evaluation with our Naturopathic Doctor. If she finds that the patient is a good candidate for natural hormone optimization, she may recommend BioTe, a breakthrough method that uses thin pellets to bring hormones back to optimal levels. This quick in-office procedure lasts three to four months, and results in better sleep, mood, sexual desire and performance, and cognitive functioning.

Besides hormonal imbalance, life can take its toll on the romantic relationships of a 50-something-year-old man. Our Licensed Mental Health Provider offers Couples Counseling, which we suggest for the couple who is looking for therapy accompanied with getting healthier and more grounded together, holistically. Before or after Couples Counseling at Root, a couple can get grounded in the tea room, sweat-it-out to let-it-out in the sauna, destress with a massage or acupuncture or take a private yoga class together. This one-of-a-kind Couples Counseling experience available at Root produces relationships more founded upon and grounded in self-care and well-being, making them stronger, more mindful and healthy.

A sauna improves circulation, sleep, immune function and the body's detoxification processes, and can be a great place for couples to self care together

colon & heart health

Men in their 50s are at higher risk for various health concerns, such as being at a higher risk than women for contracting colon cancer. We recommend visiting our Naturopathic Doctor to learn which lab work you personally need to get done now. Across the board, we recommend all men get a colonoscopy performed at age 50.


Dr. Katherine Walker, our in-house Naturopathic Physician can provide her recommendations for lab work for a man in his 50s.


Turning 50 may seem like there is now a long laundry list of what to do to be healthy, feel your best and avoid the undesired parts of aging. If this is overwhelming and you are seeking customized direction of what to prioritize we recommend taking the Whole Body Health Assessment. This 10-minute online assessment evaluates your whole body health, resulting in a Whole Body Health Score. Your results and score are then sent to your own Personal Health Advisor, a practicing clinician at Root, who then creates a customized treatment plan of action for your unique situation. Your Health Advisor may suggest modalities and services beneficial to your health and well-being that you might not have considered for your particular needs and health goals, like a Root Organic Facial or regular acupuncture.

Finding out your Whole Body Health Score takes only 10 minutes


the sixties & beyond:

early detection & enjoying life

The risk of health issues increases as we age, but preventing major health issues can be a necessary, rewarding and fun priority. Men in their 60s and beyond need to stay ahead of common health risks like heart disease and prostate cancer by getting regular health screenings. Early detection is key.

Digestion & diet

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is the most common upper gastrointestinal disorder in older adults. Other digestive issues that increase for men in their 60s and beyond are constipation, diverticular disease and polyps. Stay on track with proper digestion by drinking plenty of water, exercising, considering a doctor-monitored liquid diet cleanse and staying aware of negative digestive side effects from the medication you might be taking. Consult with our Naturopathic Doctor about any and all digestive issues.

When it comes to diet we recommend avoiding excess salt, foods high in saturated fat such as cake and processed meat, and food and drink containing added sugar and alcohol. Incorporate whole foods high in fiber such as broccoli, berries and whole grains to support digestion and cognitive functioning. To maintain this diet, we suggest the support of our Holistic Health Coach, who can provide anything from grocery lists, to recipes, to guided meditations to help you stay on track.

Broccoli is high in fiber to support digestion

benefits of sauna

The medical benefits of saunas for men who are over 60 are abundant including pain relief, stress reduction, boost in metabolism and even weight loss. If you make it a habit to unwind and relax in an infrared sauna for a few minutes every week, your cardiovascular system can strengthen, leading to a lower risk of cardiovascular events. The infrared sauna is especially a good option, as opposed to the cedar community sauna, in that it produces more benefits at lower temperatures, which may be more comfortable for a man over 60. However, we suggest consulting the Naturopathic Doctor first, as the sauna can be dangerous for those with bronchitis or pneumonia, heart disease, vascular and venous disorders, and high blood pressure.


The infrared sauna is a lower-temperature option, and is also private!

pain management

Getting older can at times be physically painful due to things like arthritis and muscle tension. We suggest incorporating regular massage into your life, at least once a month. Not only will this help with pain relief, but it will cause deep relaxation and improved circulation.

We also suggest regular acupuncture into your health regimen. This ancient modality is evidence-based at reducing pain and inflammation. Acupuncture also provides relief for a 60+ year old man with other common issues such as quicker healing times, better sleep, improved digestion, and a lifted mood.

Acupuncture for pain management and quicker healing periods

BODY movement

Movement is important at every age, and certainly should not stop when you are 60 or older. However, we do encourage the awareness of injury at this age, as injuries from exercise can increase for men in their 60's and older, especially for those that haven't worked out in a while. Be sure to take a brisk walk and stretch before (and after) engaging in exercise to avoid injury.

Not sure how to stretch or how to begin a movement regimen? We recommend booking a private yoga class for just you, you and your family, or you and a group of friends. During these private sessions with just you and the teacher, you will benefit from one on one attention, as the teacher guides your body in a customized prescriptive experience that will result in improved flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Private yoga sessions are an excellent choice for a yoga beginner at any age