NEW: (C)Lean Up! Detox Programs with Barbara Birke

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There is so much to celebrate in life!  But, sometimes a season of splurging, parties and sleeping in late (if we're lucky) can lead to a slump.  We feel fatigued and filled to the brim with party fare–all those cookies and cocktails, ugh.  Time to clean up?

Check out our new (C)Lean Up! Detox Programs with wellness and nutrition consultant Barbara Birke.  There’s a program for every body and every budget.  Barbara will work with you to optimize your diet, create healthy habits, and build a clean foundation.

Rid your body of a build up of harmful toxins, strengthen your immune system, learn to listen to your body and curb cravings, find a renewed sense of energy and mental clarity.


3 Week Detox: 4 sessions with Barbara –$297

2 Week Detox: 3 sessions –$237

1 Week Detox: 2 sessions –$197


This 3 Week Detox includes a guided program, recipes and detailed protocol, supplements the support detoxification, and one month of Unlimited Movement and Group Acupuncture.  In the deluxe program you’ll be prepared to finish your cleanse the right way, moving forward with healthy habits, feeling great.


The ultimate fresh start!  This detox includes the Guided Detox Deluxe as well as a Pathway Fit ® Genetic Profile.  You’ll discover the optimal diet for your specific genetic profile and learn how to live according to your unique metabolism and sensitivities.  Move forward from your cleanse with information that will empower you!  What a great way to get a fresh start.

Still have questions?  Contact Barbara at and schedule your initial consultation.