News Flash: You’re Gorgeous and Fad Diets Don’t Work

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Unless you’ve achieved enlightenment, you probably think about your body’s appearance from time to time.  You might criticize it or compare it to others.  You might even make the ridiculous mistake of comparing yourself to someone who has been painted, washed out with a flash, and airbrushed in Photoshop.  You might describe it with the sort of unflattering vocabulary you reserve only for yourself in the secret of your internal conversations.  And so, inevitably, you diet.  You’re not alone.
I suggest that this year we adjust our resolutions from losing weight to making healthy lifestyle changes. Restrictive, quick fad diets do not work.  As Blisstree points out, such methods as the Master Cleanse, juice diets, and eating only grapefruit might make you feel good and slim for a moment but, “Newsflash: It’s Your Body Starving Itself.”  Take some time to think about how you might approach dieting differently this year.  Check out this list of Diet Crutches from for a little help.

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Photo By: TheDeliciousLife