Pathway Fit Genetic Test: How Science Can Inforn Your Nutrition Plan

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You remember this from high school, right?  Genes contain DNA, which instruct protein formation.  Proteins come together to build every single unique part of you.  Well, you’re not a completely unique snowflake.  We all have the basically the same parts.  Genetically speaking, we’re about 90% the same.  Only about 10% of our DNA contains the blueprint that effects our different appearances and our differences in health.  As you know, some of us are more susceptible to certain illnesses, some are able to more easily fight against disease.  Some of us handle cold weather more easily than others.  The instructions in that DNA get even more specific, however.  They can give us clues about what kind of exercise and diet is best to help us reach optimum health. When it comes to diet and exercise, one size doesn’t fit all.  For example, some people thrive on carbs (a certain amount of the right kind) while others do much better with fewer carbs but more of the right fats and clean and lean protein.  Some people are predisposed to certain nutrient deficiencies or metabolic health factors.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look inside ourselves and ask our genes, “Hey genes, what should I be eating?  Should I run or lift weights?”  Well, now you can!  As part of our nutrition services here at Root Whole Body, you can take the Pathway Fit Genetic Test.  And what’s even more exciting is that when you receive your results, nutrition  and sports science expert Barbara Birke will be there to help you make sense of your results and create a plan to use your new understanding of your metabolism, diet, and responses to exercise.

Take the test on its own, or as part of a Detox Program!  Call Root or contact Barbara Birke directly at for more information or a complimentary consultation!

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