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Modern life has brought us many conveniences, but we’ve also left behind some of the traditional foods that kept our ancestors vital and strong into old age.  Possibly the most powerful of those lost foods is bone broth, and that’s ironic, because it’s so easy and inexpensive to make.  Bone broth has been known to help remedy everything from joint pain to digestive distress to immune system challenges to anxiety and depression.
Come join Debra Meadow, NTP, for a cooking demonstration and learn how easy, tasty and healthy it is to make bone broth for you and your family.  Learn a few of the “why’s” behind this powerful, age-old remedy.  And, of course, taste some rich, savory broths and soups and find out how to incorporate them into your daily life with ease.

Sunday, December 2nd at 2pm.  Click here to register. (link to registration of workshop)  And if you can’t make it, Debra is offering a complimentary one-hour health consultation to get started, should you have any questions about nutrition, weight or general health and wellness.  Let us know at if interested.