Preserving One’s Energy Through Acupuncture

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Those who only know a little about acupuncture often think of it as a way to get pain relief and that’s true. However, what acupuncture is at its core is a method of manipulating and preserving energy, also known as the Chi of a person. The main goal of acupuncture is actually preserving energy and through this, pain relief and health benefits like relieving anxiety and stress can be found.
But how on earth do a bunch of needles promote energy preservation? The idea is fairly simple, if we think of our bodies not as a hunk of meat, but instead as something composed of energy (which it is; physics supports that!) Chinese doctors believed that the body had thousands of pathways for Chi to follow and when everything was going smoothly, the body would be healthy. However, Chi could be influenced, damaged and interrupted by all sorts of things and this imbalance is what causes problems in our health and wellbeing. The needles used in acupuncture are inserted where these disruptions in the chi are taking place and that allows the body to realign its energy and thus heal itself and preserve its energy.

The idea of energy and energy lines in the body is not solely found in the Chinese. The Greeks called this energy pneuma which meant ‘breath of life’. In Tibet, the word is lung, in Sanskrit, puna. Physics and mathematics supports this idea as well; humans are often seen as being more than the sum of their parts. Call it the soul, chi, life energy, the ‘Force’ if you like, but it’s there and as such, it can be influenced, damaged and reworked. Acupuncture is one of the best ways to manipulate your energy safely and effectively and bring everything back to balance.

So, while we may think of acupuncture as a method of getting rid of pain or helping to deal with over 100 diseases, it actually all comes down to manipulations and preservation of the balance of energy in the body. Simple!

We're pleased to offer Unlimited Group Acupuncture starting at $49/month or Individual Acupuncture Treatments to help folks relieve stress and manage their physical and mental energy through these busy times.  Group sessions take place every Sunday evening and are 35-45 minutes each.  You are welcome to come as often as you like on a first come, first serve basis.  Advanced registration is essay writer

Our intention?  For folks to fully experience both the preventative and responsive results of Chinese medicine and to build confidence in this ancient healing modality as a natural way to prevent or address illness.  After all, why wait until something’s wrong when you can prevent it?