Qi Gong with Monica Rudestam

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I’ve been learning about slow.  I left New York City, the fastest place on Earth, to take a few deep breaths and maybe a long stroll or two that no one would interrupt with an elbow, briefcase, or soggy umbrella in my side.  I’ve been enjoying the space, even if it means if I drop something on the street, there might not be anyone behind me to see it, pick it up, return it.  But now that I’ve traded in all of my New York minutes, I’m finding my time to be more filled than ever with work and family.  My pile of goals is so much higher than the stack of hours I’m given each day.
I am thankful for Root and the opportunity to go to class and slow down.  In my time here, I’ve found that the slower I move through class, the more difficult and satisfying the work.  There is strength to develop in remaining calm and focused in a difficult pose, even in a pose that doesn’t seem difficult at all.

Perhaps, the ability to stretch a moment is within the ability to notice everything the exists in that moment.  There is the heartbeat, the breath, the feeling of the muscles, the skin, the sensations in the fingertips and toes, the temperature of the air, the smell of it, the sound of the room, the sounds outside the room, the light, the colors, the movement around you.  In yoga, we practice finding these things.

I’m taking the next step.  Root is now offering tai chi and qi gong, an opportunity to find the strength that exists within, move it, focus on it, cultivate it.  Not buying it?  Still think strength is gained from moving fast, running hard, bench pressing to that amazing music they play at the gym?  Well, here’s some evidence.  The other proof can be found in class.  See you there.

Qi Gong with Monica Rudestam: 1st Thursdays at 7:30pm

The Qi Workout with Daniel Espiritu: 3rd Thursdays at 7:30 and Every Monday at 4pm