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Stress is the top cause of workplace illness, affecting 3 out of 4 workers.

No question a company’s work culture is becoming more and more important as it relates to increased productivity, camaraderie, retention and growth. Keeping employees healthy is simply good business. And keeping employees healthy, grounded, mindful, inspired towards self-care and helping them step into their full potential is great business.

Our Most Powerful Differentiator

As your health and well-being partner, Root Whole Body provides wellness services, classes and programs that consider the ‘whole’ person – promoting mental, emotional, social as well as physical health. And because each company (as well as each person) is unique, we craft each program with an intense dose of customization. To us, there is no other way to execute a truly effective wellness program — one that promotes authentic change and transformation in your organization.

Sample Wellness Services + Programs

These are just a few of the programs available to your company. We’re also pleased to collaborate with you to customize programs that advance your company culture.

Group Yoga – exercise for your mind and body

Group Qigong – also known as ‘moving meditation’, qigong cultivates energy and vitality in the body and clarity and calm in the mind

Group Meditation – a centering experience and invaluable technique for dealing with stress and being at peace with yourself and the world around you

Group Chair Massage – therapeutic bodywork releases both your mind and body from everyday stresses, relieves specific pain or stiffness areas and restores your sense of well-being

Acupuncture – non-invasive needles are placed at specific points in order to encourage the flow of vital energy where needed in order to promote stress-relief, pain reduction and energetic balance

Individual Wellness | Nutrition Coaching – private, confidential setting via face-to-face, phone, or email, wellness consultations may include nutrition guidance, fitness recommendations, stress relief techniques, rest recommendations, or other health, wellness or life coaching designed to support whole body health

Wellness Education – workshops, demonstrations and classes that motivate and inspire your staff to live more vibrant and healthy lives (ask for our most current programming menu)

Rise + Shine
Morning yoga + power smoothies to get your day going

Lunch + Learn
Wellness education + energizing healthy lunch

Healthy Happy Hour
‘Shake the week off’ or celebrate the team with a healthy happy hour featuring chair massage and juice elixirs designed to support immune system and boost energy

Body & Brain Program
 Promoting physical/mental health, equanimity, mindfulness and focus

Grit & Grace Program
 Promoting physical/mental health, stress relief and learning

Intention & Transformation Program 
Promoting physical/mental health, mindfulness practices, cultural awareness and learning and An individualized and personal approach to health and nutrition

Memberships & Rewards
 Ask us about corporate membership programs, which allow a company to accrue ‘rewards’ for employee appreciation uses or incentives.

How to Get Started?

Discover. Through conversations and surveys, we consider your staff needs, age, gender, state of readiness, lifestyle habits, and resources/environment/desired culture of the workplace before designing any program

Customize.Once we gather valuable insights, we develop a program that addresses the ‘whole’ company culture as well as individuals of your organization. From there, a Summary of Findings and Proposed Plan will be recommended.

Transformation.With your internal champions, we will coordinate the programs that will begin to create true cultural change, one person at a time. We will assess our progress bi-annually and provide a Benchmark Scorecard of our progress.

Your Personal Advisor

Mark Robbins, Corporate Health Advisor brings 20+ years in the health and benefits management business – with the goal of healthy, productive and sustainable companies, one employee at a time. You can reach him at