Signs from your Body: Part I (be warned…we get down to the point!)

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Let’s talk Poop!

There is a famous quote that we are not what we eat, but what we digest and assimilate. Your bowel movement is a great indicator of your health .  As you look down the toilet keep these four things in mind: shape, smell, size, and color.

A normal stool should be a light brown color, soft and smooth, formed into one long shape. It should be s-shaped, just like the shape of our lower intestine. The smell shouldn’t be repulsive, but more natural smelling. The diameter will be between 1 and 2 inches and could be up to 18 inches long. Ideally, you want 2-3 bowel movements per day.

Here are some other stools you may have seen and what they may indicate:

Small hard lumps: This indicates your stool has been sitting in the intestines too long, due to lack of fiber and hydration. This may also occur when there is an imbalance of  beneficial bacteria in your gut. You may see this after taking a round of antibiotics.

Watery: This means your bowel is moving too fast through your system. This could be caused by increasing fiber too quickly, irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities, or an infection.

Pencil like: If your stool is consistently thin, this could indicate there is an obstruction in your colon. Please see a physician if this occurs.

Floating and foul smelling: This can be a sign you are not digesting or eating the right kind of fat. This can also suggest a liver imbalance.

Skid marks: Stickiness suggests you have too much mucus and are lacking fiber and food enzymes.

Food in your Stools: This suggests that your digestive system is weak or you may not be chewing your food enough. Note it is normal to find corn in your stool because the outer skin is fairly indigestible.

Embarking on a food-based digestive cleanse is a great way to not only improve elimination and strengthen your digestive system, but it will also boost your immune system, increase your energy, and lose excess weight.

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