Skin Care for Teens

Root Whole Body organic skin care

When most of us were teenagers, we had more important things to think about than our skin care regimen.  Sure, we might have spent plenty of time in front of the mirror, but we weren’t necessarily dutifully cleansing, using a toner, moisturizing and peeling once a week.  Maybe you dipped into your mom’s products now and then.  But, if you were anything like me, you weren’t borrowing the night cream, you were going for the mascara and the darkest lipstick you could find (which, naturally, didn’t go on the lips until you were out the door).

Are you kicking yourself for not paying more attention to skin care when you were young?  How many times did you bask in the sun without sun screen?  Did you even know there’s a difference between soap and cleanser?  The good news is, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.  The other good news is that now that you’re older and wiser, you can help the young adults in your life take care of their skin.  Encourage your teens to use a good cleanser instead of soap.  There are great toners out there for teens too, and moisturizers you can match with their skin type.  Even when the breakouts are frightening, remind them that to even out their skin’s oils, moisturizer is a must.  The more you dry your skin out with washing, the more oil it will produce.

You will likely never talk your teen entirely out of junk food.  But, you can remind them that they are what they eat, and if they put junk in, it’s likely to come back out through their pores.  Gross.

Teen won’t listen to you?  For help that’s not coming from you, find a great YouTube skin mentor for your teen—like this one!

For even more help, Root Whole Body sells gift cards.  How about an organic facial day for your teen and a friend?  We even have a blue light cold laser which kills pesky breakout bacteria.  (Serious acne can be addressed with amazing results.)  They’ll learn all about their skin type, proper skin care, and they’ll have a great time too!

Photo By: D Sharon Pruitt