The Cupping Method to Detox and Remove Cold Symptoms

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When you think of ‘cupping’, you probably think of holding something. In this case though, cupping is an ancient Chinese method of detoxification which also carries benefits like getting rid of cold symptoms, relieving aches and pains, and helping you to feel more energized. It is completely non-invasive, easy, and very relaxing and can be done right alongside acupuncture for complete body wellness. But how does cupping work and why does it work for detox and removal of cold symptoms?
Cupping the Toxins

When you go in for your cupping session, you will have several cups made from glass or rubber placed on your skin and suction sealed. The vacuum caused by this, forces the blood to flow more strongly to the affected area. It also forces the tissues to release toxins and send them up and out so that your body can dispose of them. Actually, the science behind this is sound and links nicely to the Chinese practice around Chi or energy. The idea of Chi is that the body has thousands of little energy flows that are used to enrich our lives and keep us healthy. If the Chi is disrupted, we get sick. Well, when it comes to cupping, the vacuum forces the blood to start flowing again, the energy to start moving again, and that helps to heal wounds, reduce infection, and detox the tissue. Cupping for detox is a lot safer than many of the detox diets out there which force you to starve yourself and it’s a lot more relaxing.

Cupping Out the Colds

When your blood and energy flow are healthy and strong, your body can better respond to invasive bacteria and viruses; it’s just that simple. Cupping promotes this by getting rid of blockages in your Chi and by getting rid of toxins that were keeping your immune system too busy to fight off foreign invaders. Getting rid of the toxic blocks also helps you to feel more energized and healthy which will make it a lot easier to withstand the colds this autumn and winter.

Those who have done it have reported that, if nothing else, the mucus was broken up and easier to dislodge and that alone is a measure of comfort!

Cupping is painless (largely, though some people report the sensation of a bug bite at times), easy and can help improve your blood flow and thus your health. It may take some getting used to and of course you will have those round bruises the first few times, but as your body gets rid of those toxins, the bruises will come up less and less until they stop altogether. It’s far safer than a detox diet, more relaxing and safer than popping pills, and can be done alongside your regular acupuncture therapies.  Cup with us!