The French Know How to Motivate

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The French do a whole lot of things right.  Bread, cheese, shoes, and films to name a few.  They also know how motivate people.  Or so it seems from this ad for Contrex, a bottled mineral water.  I mean, look at those women go.  I don’t usually get quite that excited about my workout.  But then, I’ve never had the opportunity to get Mr. Neon naked by cycling.  Usually, I just chill out to some tunes while I swim laps.*  Getting from bed to the pool is another matter.  Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated.  My bed is just so cozy and warm, my pillow so fluffy.  I have to remind myself that on my way home from the gym or the studio at Root, I’m always glad I went.  Always.

What gets you motivated?  Anyone out there have any tips to help us get moving?  What is your Mr. Neon?

*Yes, you can get your i-pod water-proofed, and yes it is amazing.  There’s some motivation for you.