Healing Power of Tea

The Healing Power of Tea

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bringing the power of ritual to your daily cup


 A soothing cup of tea is great medicine

A soothing cup of tea is great medicine

Ritual. It’s a word that may evoke visions of lavish ceremonies or complex rites of passage. But, in reality, we all have little rituals we perform daily, many without giving them a second thought.

Embracing ritual as a practice that is intentional can have a tremendous positive effect on your life. One simple daily observance that instantly connects you with the quiet wisdom of your inner self – while also delivering a wealth of health benefits and making you feel distinctly spoiled – is immersion into the magical world of loose-leaf tea.

an act of pause

The warmth caressing your hands as they cradle they cup. The delicate, yet distinct, aromas. Even the color and glow of the liquid (or liquor) itself. Not to mention the exploration of near-limitless flavor experiences. When you learn to appreciate loose-leaf tea, these factors combine to captivate multiple senses and transport you into a blissful moment of oneness between body and soul.

Our modern life creates infinite noise and distraction. It also takes us increasingly further away from our ancestral engagement in practices that helped maintain our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In fact, many theories point to the development of rituals as a key part of what makes us distinctly human.

The good news is, whether you indulge in an intricate traditional ceremony, grab a few minutes to add some leaves to your French Press – or anything in between – the benefits of a daily tea practice are much the same. It’s a simple act of carving out a little space in your routine to rise above the fray and honor your higher self. It’s a way to pause…and demand a few moments that are quietly, uniquely, just for you.

your 3-step tea mediation

If you’d like to apply even more intention to your tea ritual, consider complementing your daily cup of calm with this quick-and-easy 3-Step Tea Meditation.

  1. As you measure your tea and warm your water, take a few breaths and notice the tension in your muscles, the anxiety in your mind. Then, as you slowly pour the water over the leaves, imagine those tensions flowing out and being dissolved.
  2. Tea typically requires 2 – 5 minutes to steep. Use this time to sit quietly and reflect upon – or even better, write down – the 3 things you are most grateful for that day.
  3. Now, it’s time to drink your tea. As you linger over your first 3 sips, actively accept its healing, renewing energy into your body. If you are drinking a medicinal or herbal tea that focuses on a specific symptom or imbalance, consciously direct the fluid into those areas of your body. If you are seeking the boost of a gently caffeinated tea, experience slightly increased clarity with each sip.

From there, sit back with a smile and enjoy the rest of the cup. As you do, celebrate the permission you’ve given yourself – through your new tea ritual – to set aside a few precious moments every day to focus on peace and rejuvenation.