Sweet Truth About Sugar Livestream

The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar Livestream

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an afternoon talk with holistic nutritionist, taylor zerull


 The Not-So-Sweet-Truth-About-Sugar

The Not-So-Sweet-Truth-About-Sugar

We may be addicted to sugar more than we realize. Like any addiction, it takes awareness, intention and the right knowledge to break the habit. Reducing sugar in your diet can yield an array of benefits for your waistline, mood, skin and overall energy. Join Holistic Nutritionist, Taylor Zerull for an educational and interactive afternoon talk, where you’ll learn:

  • How overconsumption of harmful sugars affects your mood, mind, body and skin
  • How to know if you have an unhealthy relationship with sugar
  • The different types of sugar and where they hide
  • Simple tips for cleansing sugar from your body and lifestyle

watch the livestream replay of this event:

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