The Wrong Way to Diet

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Maybe you’ve heard the news from The Times in Tara Parker-Popes article, The Fat Trap: sometimes after losing weight, our bodies fight against us and we gain every lost pound back.  It’s not because we’ve offended our bodies, but if we’ve lost weight quickly, we might have tricked them into thinking we’re starving.  Crash diets don’t work.  Deep down, you probably know this.  But you may still be tempted by a diet that promises a quick fix.  It sure would be nice if we could eat nothing but oranges and some mysterious powder for a week and wake up on the other side lean and lovely, and stay that way.  But we can’t.  The best way to lose weight is to do so gradually by exercising and eating the right foods for your unique self.  Even if you’re not planning on body-building, check out this great list from I’, Why Not To Crash Diet.  These are great tips to follow.  If you need some guidance, call Root to schedule a consultation with our expert, Barbara Birke.

Photo By: Charlotte Astrid