Transformation can happen in 60 days. Where do you want to be come March?

Root Whole Body detox + cleansing, food + nutrition, healing + injury prevention, increasing energy, managing hormones, pain-free living, reducing stress

In 60 days, we can get you back on your journey to be the beautiful, healthy being you were meant to be.

At Root, we view our journey toward health as a marathon, not a sprint.  True transformation and life-long change begins first with this awareness and gentle guidance to get you there.  We invite you to join us on a 60-day journey to increase your vitality and wellness.  With a complimentary wellness consultation,  we’ll customized a plan for you that may include a detox cleanse, nutrition and movement plan, and bodywork and wellness therapies to support your body’s ability to reduce stress, lose weight, increase your energy and vitality.  This program can be started anytime from now through the end of February and you’ll receive discounts off all services for 60 days.  Please call 503-288-7668 or email us to schedule a complimentary wellness consultation to see how we can help.  Let this be the year to finally get back to the vital, healthy person you were born to be!