We’ve got your back.

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As the days get brighter and our damp, rain-soaked bodies unfurl hungrily towards the sun, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed about our posture and backs this month – a strong, flexible spine is the foundation that supports you for all your outdoor activities: biking, hiking, tennis, boating, swimming, sports, running and going long for that frisbee!

If you missed our Healthy Back Clinic, Dr. Stefan Herold is generously offering

complimentary spinal exams through July to insure folks are prepared to catch some

waves, whack some tennis balls, roll down some hills and get some grass stains this

summer! It’s not everyday you’re able to see a scan of your spine, so please schedule

your appointment here.

You can also utilize yoga to increase your core strength and posture and, because we

want you feeling a little taller and stronger this summer, feel free to check out our very own Pam Blair demonstrating a strengthening back pose as well as a restorative pose! Of course, you can also take advantage of our summer yoga specials that start at $49 if you’d like the personal instruction of our amazing and intentioned teachers.

And if you can’t get in, don’t worry, we’ve got your back (so to speak).

Try these simple exercises you can do at home or in our studio before class:

Start with these!

Be good to your lower back,

And strengthen your upper back!

Find the relief you need.