Introducing Whole Body Health

Introducing Whole Body Health

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because health & vitality should be simple

 Whole Body Health 

Whole Body Health 

A Google search on “How to prevent heart disease” returns 57 million search results. “How to prevent cancer” yields 65 million. “How to stay healthy” brings up 275 million. The world has amassed a staggering (if not overwhelming) body of knowledge and practice for how to live long, happy and healthy lives. And yet in recent decades we’ve lost touch with the one true authority standing between us and that amassed wisdom: ourselves. 

We live inside four walls, with artificial lights, pre-packaged foods and air conditioning, with cars to transport us, with the Internet to tell us all the ways we’re failing, with calendars filled with artificial urgency. We’ve lost our connection to the past, to nature, our food, our bodies and, by extension, ourselves.  

It’s time to forge a relationship to our health that’s not focused on pills and hospital visits, copays and deductibles. One that’s not swayed by the latest fads or shut down by our own self-defeating head-talk.

It’s time to live whole, to place intention around creating wholeness for ourselves, connected to our own inner wisdom emotionally and physically.  

We need to see our bodies as beautiful interconnected systems, and to recognize that whole body health comes when we address the whole in order to heal the part. Vitality comes from placing focus and intention on these 4 pillars of whole-body health: food, movement, immunity and pause. It comes from many small actions that add up over time. 

We’ve organized the services at Root Whole Body around these four pillars—perhaps the widest set of holistic health services under one roof in the Northwest—because we recognize that wellness is not one visit. It’s not one supplement. It’s not one class.  It’s a way of thinking about your vitality, placing a real value on it, making it a priority and making time for it in your life. It doesn’t have to be hard. And you don’t have to go it alone. 

We’re right here to support and guide you along the way:  

  • With two locations to serve you, in the NE/Irvington and in NW/Slabtown neighborhoods of Portland.
  • With professional whole body health advisors who are here to work with you, to understand your needs and goals … and to help you put together a personal plan that’s just for you. And you can schedule a complimentary meeting with them whenever you like.
  • With our Whole Body Health account program, which rewards you for making a monthly commitment to you by giving you access to Root Community Pricing (up to 30% off everything at Root: services, food, retail, travel, events and more).
  • And with ongoing tips and inspiration along the way. Sign up for our ongoing emails, or follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  Try a new class or workshop, schedule a complimentary meeting with a Naturopathic physician, an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor or Holistic Nutritionist, sample a new medicinal tea blend. Be open, be curious … start living whole today.

Congratulations! By just being here you’ve taken the biggest step toward living your most amazing, whole body life. We’re here to inspire, guide and cheer you on your journey.