Carrots at Face Value

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Despite their bright orange color, crispy crunch, sweetness unleashed upon perfect cooking, some people hate them.  It seems strange to me (maybe some people were attacked by bunnies in their past lives?) but there are several online forums on the subject, an “I Hate Carrots” Facebook page, and several mediocre YouTube videos on the subject.

Here’s oneHere’s another one.

I hope you’re not buying into any of the above anti-carrot propaganda.  Especially this time of year, when your skin could benefit from some carrot consumption!  Did you know that carrots help keep your skin hydrated?  In doing so, they actually help prevent wrinkles.  Thank you, vitamin A!  Vitamin C prevents free radicals from hanging around after fun in the sun, and prevents premature aging.  Wow, Vitamin C!

Personally, I think carrots are delicious, crunchy or cooked.  Visit your farmer’s market and then try this recipe.

Or, if you’re into simple these days, try my favorite new sandwich trick:

Make your favorite sandwich, but before you put the two sides together, use your vegetable peeler to shred a carrot into it.  It adds a great, sweet, texture you and your skin will smile about.