Yoga Foundations

Get Grounded in Your Practice with Yoga Foundations

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Yoga Foundations is a fun and safe class for new and seasoned yogis alike to focus on the fundamental aspects their practice – including alignment, proper breathing (pranayama) and balance. Each pose will be broken down in detail and special attention will be given to refining transitions between postures. This dynamic practice integrates breath with flowing movement to increase concentration, muscular strength, inner calm, and awareness.

If you’re new to yoga, Yoga Foundations is a great place to start.

But it’s not just for beginners.

ALL students will grow in their practice through Yoga Foundations. There’s a Zen Buddhist saying that:

“in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s, there are few,” – Shunryu

Suzuki. We encourage all students to adopt a beginner’s mindset in their practice. The slower pace of this class, as well as the detailed instruction on proper alignment, will allow you to delve deeper into each pose – with a heightened awareness of what’s going on in your body, mind and breath.

Show up as you are. All are welcome. Come fall in love with yoga.