How to Care for your Skin in Winter

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We have it pretty easy here in the Northwest.  Temperatures drop below 30 only on rare occasions.  Occasionally, the wind blows hard enough to make you pull your scarf tight around your face.  Our skin doesn’t suffer quite as much during winter months as those poor Midwesterners shoveling piles of snow from their driveways, their skin tight, their lips threatening to crack and bleed.  Still, our skin isn’t quite the same as it is in sunny summertime.  Even our heaters dry out the air in our homes.  And so, with the season’s change, it’s time to change your skin care regimen.  As our estheticians here at Root Whole Body will tell you, your skin adapts to the products you use.  It’s a good idea to switch it up now and then.  Elle suggests switching to a gel moisturizer for the cold months, but if you want to know what’s right for unique you, schedule a consultation here at Root.  Elle also reminds us to keep exercising and hydrating even when it’s more difficult to get outside.  (May I recommend a little yoga?)  Movement encourages blood flow and a healthy glow.  And don’t ever slack off on your SPF protection!  It might feel funny to slather on the sunscreen when the clouds are thick, but did you know that clouds can actually magnify the effects of radiation?  Take care of your skin this winter.  It’s an important and beautiful part of you.

Here at Root we offer organic facials, LED light treatment therapy and Eminence Organics products.  We even have a Winter Skin Hydration Package specially priced to keep your skin healthy this winter.  Got questions?  Give us a call!