Tea Herbs that Aid Digestion

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 Herbs for Digestion

Herbs for Digestion


We’ve all heard of the powerful mood-lifting properties of herbs (St. John’s wort, anyone?), but did you know that digestive support is only a ginger root away? Stomach-soothing tinctures and teas are on the rise, and are arguably more effective (and tasty) than chalky antacids.

popular herbs for digestive health include:

  • Ginger: This flavor-punched root is commonly taken raw, powdered, or in tea form. Drinking ginger tea before a meal is a great way to stimulate saliva and gastric juice production, as well as relax intestinal muscles. Ginger root is also a life-saver (no pun intended) for those who are prone to motion sickness.

  • Lemon: Citrus fruits are great antioxidant-enhancers, and lemon in particular promotes healthy digestion and metabolism.

  • Lemongrass: Teas infused with lemongrass keep the digestive system calm.

  • Lemon peel: Peels often contain more vitamins and nutrients than the fruit they house, and lemons are no exception. Lemon peels are also soothing and generally boost digestion.

  • Lemon oil: Concentrated lemon oil offers everything that the fruit and peel provide, and more. Enhancing teas and recipes with lemon essential oils is an excellent way to support digestive health while savoring the light, citrusy aroma.

  • Rooibos: This rich herb provides a plethora of benefits for optimal digestion.

Reaching for a mug of herbal tea is one way to get the digestive benefits of all of these herbs. Root Tonic & Tea Digestion tea combines all of these herbs in a unique blend.

“One of the things I love about our Digestion blend is its adaptogenic properties,” says Adrain Chesser, Root Tonic & Tea Head Curator and Co-Founder. “Generally, when people refer to herbs as being an adaptogen, they are referring to a specific herb. However, the alchemy that occurs with the ingredients in this relatively simple blend creates a kind of adaptogenic quality focused on the digestive system. When people have digestive issues they generally want to calm a nervous stomach or they want to create more ‘flow’ or they want less ‘flow.’ It’s a little counter-intuitive, but our Digestion blend can be really effective with any of these issues.”

Root Tonic & Tea currently offers 12 blends, which take the best of traditional herbal wisdom to create a system of herbs that support all the systems of the body.

Sample one of Root Tonic & Tea’s 12 herbal blends the next time you’re at Root. We’re happy to make you a fresh cup. Or purchase Root Tonic & Tea here. Each bag is approximately one-month’s supply of tea. For a detailed overview of each blend, click here.