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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Vincent van Gogh
Getting started is always the most difficult part.  It is for me anyway.  I know I like being up early, strolling to the pool for a swim, watching the pink of morning sun play on the edges of clouds, but it’s still hard to get up.  I still groan while I roll out of bed.  I can’t help it.  Once I’m in the pool, I’m always so glad I’m there.  When I’m stirring my oatmeal, I’m so glad I got up in time for a good breakfast.

It’s the same with hobbies.  I know I love to play my piano, but sometimes it’s hard to put myself in front of the keys.  There are so many naps to take, and snacks to eat, fascinating things to learn on NPR, and episodes of The Wire to watch.  It’s just so bloody and exciting.  Once I’m making music, however, I can never believe I don’t make more time for it.

It’s the same with yoga.  It takes effort to shop for yoga clothes, effort to spend money on classes, effort to get yourself to the studio, effort to plan your day around it.  Why does everything take so much effort?  I think you know why.  Satisfaction, a sense of worth, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of effort used to create energy.  When you make it to the studio and breathe on your mat, you will be glad you made it.  Just like me at my piano, you will write a song with your practice and wonder why you didn’t do it more often before.

Join Sarah Robinette every 1st Saturday at 1:30pm for Yoga Fundamentals, a two-hour class in which you’ll build a strong foundation for your practice.  Come on.  Get the hardest part over with–Sign up online.

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