Spring is Here! Time for Your Seasonal Cleanse

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You know you want to. You know you need to.  You’ve been considering it – here’s your opportunity to get motivated.
Think about it – why is it that many of us seem to take better care of our cars than we do our own bodies?  We understand that every few months, we need to get our oil changed in our car to keep gunk from building up and damaging the engine.  We know that if we never clean out the air filter, that the car will not be able to run as efficiently and will someday break down.  We can easily wrap our head around this cause and effect. Yet many of us have never made much effort whatsoever to work on getting the gunk out that has been building up in our intestines over the course of a lifetime.  And your pores act just like a filter, don’t you think that they too deserve to be deep-cleaned every once in a while?

Many experts say that the average person holds 5-20 pounds of undigested, accumulated matter in their bodies. Do you honestly want that crud inside of you? All it does is coat and block your intestinal walls, making it that so you cannot absorb nutrients as effectively.  By getting rid of this waste, you not only feel clearer and lighter, but you will be eliminating a toxic wasteland inside of your body that is the perfect breeding ground for different bacteria and fungi.  Did you know that your immune system is actually rooted in your intestines?  By doing a deep cleanse, you naturally stimulate your immune system.

Please realize that your body has been working hard 24 hours a day since the day you were conceived.  Don’t you think that it deserves a little break?  By doing a cleanse, you give it a chance to catch up, to rest, and ultimately to heal.  All of the energy that it usually spends on digesting food, it can now put to use elsewhere, in places that may have been neglected in the body for a while.

If you are concerned that you cannot manage a cleanse with your busy schedule, that you will somehow not have enough energy to get by and complete your daily responsibilities, remember – if you are so busy, you can’t afford NOT to cleanse!  Your body needs extra care and attention!  And trust that after the cleanse, you will have much more energy than ever before.

So, the benefits of a cleanse are dropping unwanted weight from toxic waste matter that you have been needlessly carrying around inside of you for years, having a stimulated immune system, experiencing vibrant, glowing skin with clear pores, and enjoying extra energy and a body that has been given the chance to rest and heal on a profound level.  What are you possibly waiting for?

Join us for a 3-week cleanse this April to detoxify your body and give your digestive system a much needed rest.  You’ll also learn new behaviors and healthy habits to keep your body fueled properly.  Group or Individual cleanse programs available. Learn more here.