Babe's Life-Long Health

Tips for Mom for Babe’s Life-Long Health

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Here’s what Naturopathic Physical Dr. Laura Wollman has to say about
giving your babe the best environment for life-long health



• Limit exposure to environmental pollutants: get an air filter for your home if you live by a highway or place of high traffic.

• Take a fish oil supplement, making sure to consume 4 grams of fish oil daily.

• Take 1000 ius of Vitamin D daily.

• Be sure to take a prenatal vitamin throughout pregnancy that has 1 mg of folate per dose.

• Reduce your exposure to pesticides- only eat organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats.

• Try to decrease your inflammatory load by following an anti-inflammatory diet or taking herbs that are helpful to reduce inflammation. Talk to your naturopath before proceeding with these to make sure they are safe for pregnancy.

• Only use organic body products and cleaning products for your home.

• Try to maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy; women will gain 24-30 lbs on average during a pregnancy. Make sure you are maintaining a daily exercise routine and talk to your

naturopath about the proper number of calories you should be consuming per day.

• Stop Smoking.

• Don’t use antibiotics unless it’s absolutely necessary. In fact, exposure to a higher microbial load, as you would encounter in a rural farm, may protect your baby from developing asthma and allergies.

• Decrease your stress levels. Experiment with meditation, daily deep breathing exercises, and massage.

• If you suffer from anxiety or depression, consider visiting with a counselor to talk through reasons you may be having these feelings. Talk with you naturopath about natural and safe ways to reduce depression.