Optimizing Pregnancy – a look at epigenetics and what it can teach us

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“It is those crucial 9 months of development that sets a course of health that has far reaching implications.” If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming, you may be getting all sorts of advice regarding what to do to have a healthy pregnancy. All the basics that you will learn from numerous pregnancy books and your midwife or obstetrician …

Babe's Life-Long Health

Tips for Mom for Babe’s Life-Long Health

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Here’s what Naturopathic Physical Dr. Laura Wollman has to say about giving your babe the best environment for life-long health • Limit exposure to environmental pollutants: get an air filter for your home if you live by a highway or place of high traffic. • Take a fish oil supplement, making sure to consume 4 grams of fish oil daily. • …