Water Bottles Are Your Friends

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Everyone knows it’s important to drink water.  8 glasses a day, some say.  Others say you should take your weight in pounds, divide by two, and drink that many ounces.  And others have other opinions.  It’s great for your skin, your cells, and your ability to keep yourself cleansed.
I encourage you to keep water with you at all times.  If you’re at a desk it’s easy.  Keep your glass filled!  If you’re on the go and have discovered the wonders of the camelback, that’s easy too.

Our community at Root does a great job of staying hydrated, especially during those sweaty, heated power vinyasa classes.  They don’t always do a great job of remembering to take their water bottles home, however, leaving them doomed to a long life inside a lost and found basket.

Keep drinking lots of water, but don’t abandon your little friend, the water bottle.

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