Deconstruct: Pause and Question What’s Going On and Into Your Body

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Maybe spring cleaning this year should include our lifestyle.  Our minds, like our homes, can get cluttered with old ideas, old emotions and old habits.  We weed our gardens regularly–why not ourselves?  Routine cleaning will sweep out energy that no longer serves you and let some positive growth in.

+pause and question

+rest your system with a seasonal cleanse

+peel away layers with acupuncture

+get some fresh air outside

+yoga for strength, flexibility and reflection

+dry brush for healthy, glowing skin

+consider the effects of your lifestyle on your posture

+eat more colorful foods

+journal.  get to know yourself all over again

Ways to Deconstruct Over the Next 60 Days:

+3-week Cleanse to detoxify and learn healthy eating habits

+Eliminate Toxins and Support your body naturally

  • Health Audit with our naturopathic doctor – bring in your current medications and supplements for evaluation
  • Skin Audit with our estheticians – bring in your skin care products for evaluation

+Personal Instruction for those new to yoga or wanting to deepen their practice

+Health and Wellness Workshops

  • Cleanse Talk with Nutrition and Naturopathic Doctor–Thursday, April 5th at 7:30pm
  • Posture Clinic with our Chiropractors–Saturday, April 14th at 1:30pm

+What would you like to deconstruct?  What do you need to shed?  Share with us on our Facebook page!