Wellness Cultural Adventure

Thailand 2018: 10-Day Yoga + Wellness Cultural Adventure with Root Whole Body

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  Join Root Whole Body for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unwind and nourish your soul with the amazing people, culture and spirit of Thailand! Chiang Mai/Phuket Thursday, Nov. 15th – Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2018 [optional Bangkok pre-tour starting nov. 11th ] There’s a magic that happens when you’re willing to break out of your everyday scene and appreciate the way …

Starting the Year with Love

Starting the Year with Love: Making Space for It

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Thank your belongings for a job well done before parting with them. The new year is a time for transition, letting go of that which no longer serves us, and making space for the new. If you’re like us, we sometimes need a bit of help to create a space where we surround ourselves with things and people that really …

Cultivating Positivity through Gratitude

Cultivating Positivity through Gratitude

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Rewire your brain by recoding life’s best moments Do you have 6 minutes? Six minutes to watch this video and hit the reset button for the new year. Six minutes to pause and find that thing that we are all hungry for: a sense of peace, abundance and gratitude. The value of counting our blessings is not a new concept. But …

The Power of Heat

The Power of Heat: Sauna, Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy, Teas & Salt Baths

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The perfect yin-yang balance of relaxation and invigoration The days are getting more and more chilly. You feel it in your bones. And after a long day at work, the thing you crave the most is a nice hot something. What is it about the power of heat that heals? Well, for one thing, heat increases fascial tissue elasticity. Your …

Tips to Prevent Illness Naturally

10 Tips to Prevent Illness Naturally

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From meditation to bone broth, DIY illness prevention made simple Last autumn, Naturopath Dr. Laura Wollman and Acupuncturist Jon Conant gave us their top 10 tips to prevent illness naturally, the best from Eastern and Western naturall medicine. This year, we offer you these tips and simple home remedies that help you keep sickness at bay. 1. Vitamin C: Many studies …

Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine and the Changing Seasons

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Traditional medicines help us align with the seasons. We can learn a lot from the patterns of nature and the cycle of the seasons. For example, in Chinese Medicine and 5 phases/element theory, each phase is associated with a season (including late summer, the 5th season), along with foods and self care and activities that complement the patterns of energy …

New Years Party

Appetizers for the New Years Party

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What’s the secret to healthy easy appetizers for your New Year’s Party? Fresh herbs. Exotic oils. And your favourite protein: a lovely salmon or local cheese. The Herbs Chives, Chervil, Cilantro…any of these fragrant greens will add a delightful aroma to your antipasti of choice. Chop them fine to release their oils and sprinkle them over your appetizers for a …

Winter Skin Secrets

Winter Skin Secrets

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The shift from long hot summer days to shorter cooler winter days brings limited sunlight and cooler temperatures… that, combined with central heating, can begin to take a toll on our delicate skin. Our summer glow begins to fade and we end up with more of a dry, dull complexion that craves some serious nutrition and hydration. It’s time to …

Kitchen Probiotic Recipes

The Importance of Digestion: Kitchen Probiotic Recipes

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Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We know that most of our friends at Root are well read about healthy practices like eating right, exercising and meditation. But as healthy minded people, we sometimes need some ‘ammunition’ to help our kids and our partners be on the same page. Holistsic nutritionist …

Re-prioritize Yourself

How to Re-prioritize Yourself & Get Back into Rhythm

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Arouse in Yourself an Eager Want Dale Carnegie, author of the indispensable best seller How to Win Friends and Influence People says a fundamental technique for getting people to change course is to “arouse in the other person an eager want”. In other words, get them to feel a strong desire that comes from within. Use psychology in your favor to …