Try Pilates

10 Reasons to Try Pilates

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  what is pilates? Pilates is an accessible way to improve posture, encourage flexibility, and strengthen muscles and joints. Using controlled, focused movements, this practice stretches the body and increases overall endurance. Although Pilates has been around for many years (peaking around the mid-1900s), the practice has evolved with the changing-times. The very foundation of Pilates, in fact, revolves around …

The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga on Early Childhood Development

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  Explore the world of yoga through song and game, movement, simple breathing techniques, and the power of imagination! Family Yoga uses the power of storytelling to explore yoga postures and inspire body awareness for children and adults alike. Learning through play and curiosity is an excellent way to bring childlike-wonder and joy to the yoga experience. Body awareness not …

skincare regime with our new enhancements

Step up your skincare regime with our new enhancements

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  Our skin does a lot for us. It’s our first line of defense against the elements in our environment; it protects us from injury; it helps rid our bodies of toxins; it literally holds us together. We often forget that the skin is the largest organ of our body. What we feed our bodies plays a vital role in …

Slow Flow Yoga

Find strength and grace with Slow Flow Yoga

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What is Slow Flow Yoga? Slow Flow is meditation in motion; a mindful flow that practices slowing down and moving with more awareness and grace. This method encourages flowing and transitioning with the breath, gently opening the body, and developing more strength and internal awareness. In essence, Slow Flow was developed to promote breath awareness while moving slowly and gracefully …

The Health Benefits of Bone Broth

The Health Benefits of Bone Broth

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There is a reason that bone broths are traditional foods around the world. Bone broth is full of proteins, minerals, and other important nutrients that make it well worth incorporating into your wintertime nutrition routine. Bones ones contain high amounts of compounds that are useful to the human body and that would otherwise go to waste if not cooked down …

Yoga Foundations

Get Grounded in Your Practice with Yoga Foundations

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  Yoga Foundations is a fun and safe class for new and seasoned yogis alike to focus on the fundamental aspects their practice – including alignment, proper breathing (pranayama) and balance. Each pose will be broken down in detail and special attention will be given to refining transitions between postures. This dynamic practice integrates breath with flowing movement to increase …

Root Tonic & Tea

Introducing Root Tonic & Tea

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what if the best medicine hasn’t been invented?   For thousands of years, humans have borrowed the natural healing properties of plants, transferring the strength and goodness of herbs into mud packs, salves and teas. Root Tonic & Tea takes the best of traditional herbal wisdom to create a system of herbs that support the whole body… digestion, nervous system, …

Make Sauna Part of Your Wintertime Ritual

6 Reasons to Make Sauna Part of Your Wintertime Ritual

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  During the cold winter months, a heat-healing sauna session can be just the thing to warm a cold and achy body, relieve stress, boost immunity and more. Here are six health benefits you can experience from making sauna part of your wintertime health regimen: 1. flushes toxins Battling the intense sauna heat and enduring the uncontrollable sweats has seriously …

Healing Power of Tea

The Healing Power of Tea

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bringing the power of ritual to your daily cup   Ritual. It’s a word that may evoke visions of lavish ceremonies or complex rites of passage. But, in reality, we all have little rituals we perform daily, many without giving them a second thought. Embracing ritual as a practice that is intentional can have a tremendous positive effect on your …

Clean Slate Detox

Clean Slate Detox: 10 simple intentions for a healthier, happier you

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10 simple intentions for a healthier, happier you 2016 was a year of endings, monumental changes, and shifting perceptions. This year, we’re beginning anew; starting a fresh cycle, and opening a new chapter. What better time than January to haul out the big guns and take focused, concentrated steps to make room for the new? Here are some great ways …