Mother's Day Gift Cards Special

Mother’s Day Gift Cards Special

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thank you, mom      She takes care of everyone – but this Mother’s Day is all about encouraging her to take care of herself. Honor this special woman in your life with a personalized whole body health experience. What better way to say “I love you” than with the gift of nourishing self-care? Enjoy a complimentary month supply of our …

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Root Whole Body: Now Open in NW Portland

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  Root Whole Body’s flagship whole body health center is now open at NW 21st & Quimby St. (across from New Seasons) in Northwest Portland. At 6,500 square feet, the new Root NW is roughly twice the size of our Irvington. Root NW offers a full complement of health services supporting the four pillars of holistic health – food, movement, immunity …

Tea Herbs that Aid Digestion

Tea Herbs that Aid Digestion

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     We’ve all heard of the powerful mood-lifting properties of herbs (St. John’s wort, anyone?), but did you know that digestive support is only a ginger root away? Stomach-soothing tinctures and teas are on the rise, and are arguably more effective (and tasty) than chalky antacids. popular herbs for digestive health include: Ginger: This flavor-punched root is commonly taken …

Sweet Truth About Sugar Livestream

The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar Livestream

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an afternoon talk with holistic nutritionist, taylor zerull   We may be addicted to sugar more than we realize. Like any addiction, it takes awareness, intention and the right knowledge to break the habit. Reducing sugar in your diet can yield an array of benefits for your waistline, mood, skin and overall energy. Join Holistic Nutritionist, Taylor Zerull for an …

Sugar Cleanse for Clearer Skin and a Healthier

Sugar Cleanse for Clearer Skin and a Healthier You

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  declare your sugar free-dom Nourish your mind, body and skin with a professionally-guided sugar cleanse to reset your system from the inside out. This month-long journey will free you from sugar, and the physical, mental and emotional tethers that come with it. 4 weeks to clearer skin and a healthier, more energized you. 4 week program (individual) 90min Nutrition …

Sugar Cleanse

Why Do a Sugar Cleanse?

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      Sugar has been a hot button topic recently. In the 90’s and early 2000’s we demonized fat, using it as a scapegoat for every health problem imaginable, and now we’ve moved on to sugar. I’m not saying that sugar isn’t bad for you, because there is significant research to substantiate claims of its negative effects. I am saying, however, …

Kick Sugar Cravings

Kick Sugar Cravings with This Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Recipe

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  Looking for a sweet treat minus the sugar? Say bye bye to sugar cravings with our delicious, Spring-Sugar-Cleanse-approved recipe from Holistic Nutritionist, Alaya Wyndham. chocolate cherry smoothie Ingredients: 1 can organic full fat coconut milk  3/4 cup organic frozen cherries  1 handful baby kale (or greens of choice) 2 scoops collagen peptides (or 1 serving clean protein powder of …

See a Chiropractor

When Should You Go See a Chiropractor?

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Chiropractic Adjustment Did you know that the term “chiropractic” loosely translates to “done by hand”? When most of us think about the practice, the back and spine inevitably come to mind: cracking, popping, and bending the vertebrae into place. However, chiropractic medicine is considered to be an alternative, holistic method of treating a variety of ailments and chronic conditions as …

Mineral and Herbal Hydrotherapy Soaking

The Health Benefits of Mineral and Herbal Hydrotherapy Soaking

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  Hydrotherapy soaking takes run-of-the-mill bathing to another level. This soothing treatment offers pain relief, detoxification, skin health, and a host of other wellness benefits.  The practice of using water to treat and cure ailments goes back to ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and China; from rose-scented bathwater to bubbling hot springs, this simple-but-effective therapy is enjoyed far and wide, and …

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

What is Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

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Traditional Sauna Saunas are popularly used to detox the body through sweating, soothe sore muscles, and burn calories. However, with the adoption of a full-spectrum infrared sauna, the body enjoys intense healing without unbearably-high temperatures. Infrared saunas are a gentle, more effective way to heal with heat and light. how does it work? Infrared light penetrates the skin, repairing and …

Sugar Can Improve Your Skin

How Cutting Back on Sugar Can Improve Your Skin

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  We’ve heard it time and again – the old wives’ tale about sugar being the main culprit of blemished skin. Is it myth, though, or does some truth lie in this tale? Lo and behold, it’s been proven that sugar may not only aggravate acne-prone skin, but can rapidly accelerate the signs of aging, as well. Turns out the …